Keep It Green
Keep It Green

Our Vision

Since 2018, Sentosa Golf Club has set out to create an environmentally sustainable golf property. Following the launch of our #KeepitGreen campaign, which has now become a way of life, the Club has made significant efforts to unite the golf industry and promote sustainable practices to help tackle the effects of climate change in the sport.

The Club will always look to set the benchmark for sustainability in the sport and has continued to make considerable commitments to help reduce our own carbon footprint, including becoming the first golf club in the world to join the UN Sports for Climate Action Initiative, as well as the first golf club to commit to achieving carbon neutrality by 2022.

Our Sustainability Journey

Explore Sentosa Golf Club’s sustainability agenda to find out more about the numerous environmental initiatives
and commitments that have been introduced at the Club

Removal of single use plastics and installation of water stations

Creation of bee colonies

Implementation of GPS spraying equipment

Creation of sustainable herb garden

Installation of rechargeable lithium batteries in golf carts

Introduction of a single head control Irrigation system

First golf club in Asia to use carbon products in its Agronomy Programme

Installation of Reservoir-Lakes

First golf club in Asia to Install Waste Digesters

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Collaboration with GEO Foundation

First Golf Club in the World to Join the UN Sports for Climate Action

First Golf Club in the World to Commit to Carbon Neutrality by 2022

Sentosa Golf Club has banned the use of all single-use plastic bottles from our championship courses. Water stations have been installed at various points around the courses instead, helping to save around 450,000 plastic bottles over a three-year period.

The Club currently has five active stingless bee colonies located behind ‘the Pyramid’ on The Tanjong 4th hole. Bee populations are estimated to be down by around 70% worldwide and Sentosa Golf Club is trying to play its part to increase their numbers.

The installation of new GPS spraying equipment has helped to reduce the Club’s product application used by up to 30% throughout increased accuracy and efficiency.

This has allowed the Club to organically grow its own products, therefore reducing the number of applications used and emissions emitted from transportation.

All golf carts at Sentosa Golf Club have been converted to use Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and last for up to 8 years.

By converting our sprinklers to a single-head control irrigation system, the Club has helped to reduce its water resources by up to 40%.

The use of carbon products such as Bio Char has helped to reduce fertility applications by up to 50% annually, as well as nematode applications by up to 95%.

As part of the redevelopment of The Tanjong in 2016, six large reservoir lakes were implemented into the design to allow the golf courses to become self-irrigating by recycling rainwater from the lakes as irrigation.

Two food and horticultural waste digesters have been installed to allow waste to be recycled as fertilizer on the golf courses. 40kg of food waste generated each day and one tonne of horticultural waste produced each month will be used to save up to 30% on estimated cost savings on monthly waste disposal over a one-year period.

Five Electric Vehicle Charging Points have been installed in a partnership with Porsche Asia-Pacific as part of their Porsche Destination Charging Initiative.

The Club agreed a formal partnership with international sustainability golf non-profit, GEO Foundation, to pioneer new innovative practices, as well as gather, verify, and report credible results to share with other clubs

The initiative aims to support and guide sports organisations and their communities on a path to achieving the global climate change goals. The Club is also a signatory of the UN’s Race to Zero campaign recently agreed at COP 26 to reach net zero by 2040 and halve emissions by 2030.

At the 2021 HSBC Women’s World Championship, the Club announced the commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2022. Contributions from golf rounds over the next year will be used to support the purchase of certified carbon offsets through regional Forestry or Blue Carbon projects.


GAME ON follows in the footsteps of Sentosa Golf Club’s ground-breaking sustainability campaign, #KeepItGreen, and is designed to be a call to action for the golf industry’s response to climate change by uniting the game’s key stakeholders with the wider golfing community to implement modern process for the betterment of the environment