Green Fees

Play at our Championship Course, available 7 days a week.

Green Fees

Listed below are the applicable fees and terms & conditions for the green and the driving range.

For non-members who wish to play on our golf courses, please fill up this form and fax to us at 6275 0654.

Green Fees per pax (excluding GST)

Type of Guests

The Serapong

The Tanjong

(max 3 guests)

Weekends & Holidays
(max 1 guest)

(max 3 guests only)

Weekends & Holidays
(max 1 guests only)

Members' Guests










Buggy Fee

$35.00 per golfer


Visitor's booking is available here

Cancellation Charge
Advance Payment will be forfeited if cancellation is less than 7 days for Weekend/PH, 72 hours for Weekday (Except PH), or a no-show.

1. Golf Set: S$80 per set
2. Golf Shoes (from Pro-shop, Transview): S$10 per pair

Conditions of Play
1. All players, irrespective of age, must possess official USGA index handicaps of lower than:
    Men - 36.6
    Ladies - 40.4
2. Pace of play shall conform to the guideline of maximum 4 hours and 30 minutes for 18 holes.
3. All players are requested to report to the starter at least 10 minutes before the tee-off time.

1. Please fax in the completed request form.
2. SGC does not issue a rain-check or refund the green and buggy fees once you have started playing.
3. All golfers are required to dress in proper golfing attire while on the golf course and practice areas
4. No followers are allowed on the courses.
5. Members are requested to furnish the particulars of other members(s) or guest(s) playing with them.
    The Club will fill any available slots to maximise the usage of golf flights.
6. On weekends and public holidays:
    a. If a member insists on having a 3 ball flight, he/she must pay for the vacant slot at member’s guest fee and;
    b. If a member books for 4 and only shows up as a 3 ball, a no show fee of $200.00 per golfer will be charged.
7. To allow members more time to plan for their weekend golf games, no penalty fees will be charged for any cancellation received
    before 12 noon on the Tuesday before the golfing weekend.
8. No golfers under the age of 14 and below shall be permitted to drive a cart on the course unless special dispensation is granted by the club.
9. The course is offered on the understanding that maintenance works may be carried out.
10. All terms and conditions, including the fees, charges and the notes are subject to change without prior notice.
11. All charges listed are subject to prevailing GST.

12. All Bookings will be confirmed ten (10) days in advance. 13. If you have further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Golfing Department.

Range & Club Hire




Stored value card: 10 credits (50 balls per credit)



Single Token (50 balls)



Bay Hire Fee (applicable to non-member)


S$100 (with 50 complimentary balls)

Club Hire

S$65 per set / S$12 per piece

S$80 / S$12 per piece

All charges listed are subject to prevailing GST.

Golfers must observe the following rules on the driving range:
1. Non-members may use the range facility after payment of bay fees at the Golf Reception during operation hours from 7am to 7pm.
    Payment to be made at the Golfers' Terrace after 7pm.
2. Proper golfing attire is necessary for players.
3. Play between markers only.
4. Play towards targets provided.
5. Do not play towards the left and right hand ends of the range.
6. Golfers are not allowed to pick up and keep range balls after use.